ponedjeljak, 30. ožujka 2009.


This is a punk rock band coming frome Germany i think they started in the mid 80-s,they are not an ordinary punk rock they are a bit faster with guitars and the voice is a bit aggresive.To me they are one of my favorite bands and the first bands that i used to listen when i started listening punk.


nedjelja, 29. ožujka 2009.

RED ALERT-Border Guards EP

This is a OI band from England sorry but i dont know when they started to play or from what town they come, but i know that they are great and they dont sound like all those other OI bands wih same themes like violence, fighting, football...
So i will now shut up and say that you need to download this.


petak, 27. ožujka 2009.


This band was formed in 1979 in Croatia(Rijeka), they had many gigs in the former Yugoslavia Belgrade,Ljubljana,Zagreb...In that time they where very popular but they didn t release any album so this demo is very rare, i need to say that this demo is recorded in 1980 and 1981.Also you have some stuff on their my space so go and listen.

My space: http://www.myspace.com/kaosrijeka


utorak, 24. ožujka 2009.


This is an Avskum demo from 1982 it contains great songs like (What Shall We Do, Auschwits II and many more) demo has 13 songs and 2 pictures from Avskum.


ponedjeljak, 16. ožujka 2009.


They formed in 1983 and recorded a a five song 7 "EP-called Maailma Taynna Vihha" in 1985 .They also appeared on a American Hardcore compilation called "Killed By Finnish Hardcore" wich was released in 2006.They split up in 1987.


nedjelja, 15. ožujka 2009.


This is a UK 82 punk compilation the bands on the record are:
Vice Squad(2 songs)
The Insane(1 song)
Abrasive Wheels(3 songs)
Court Martial(3 songs)
Chaos UK(2 songs)
The Undead(2 songs)
The Expelled(2 songs)
Chaotic Dischord(3 songs)
Mayhem(2 songs)
Ejected(3 songs)
Resistance 77(1 song)
No Choice(1 song)
Emergency(1 song)
Sex Aids(1 song)
The Underdogs(1 song)
The Varukers(2 songs)


srijeda, 4. ožujka 2009.


The band was formed in 83 when Bones from Discharge left Discharge,they where one of the first bands that combined punk with metal.I need to say this when they started to play they played blues :).After that they made a deal with "Fall Out Records" and with them they recorded "Decapitated" in 84.They changed the bass player who went to UK subs to play, and then came Oddy to replace him.Then they had a short tour to America, after that they changed the singer because the old one stayed in America, so Oddy replaced him but he was not in the band for too long in 87 they recorded "F.O.A.D.". Few months after that they broke up, but soon after that they again formed and came with a new singer.Then they had again a tour in America where they had 20 000 people on their gig.
1989 camed out the new album called "Losing Control" that shit sounded like trash metal.in 1992 they broke up but again formed and they are playing still today hope to see them.I separated the album in 2 parts so i could upload it. :)

Download-Part 1
Download-Part 2

ponedjeljak, 2. ožujka 2009.

Death Side- Satisfy the instinct 7"

This track was released in 87 by the legendary Death Side, i said all about them when i posted "wasted dream" but what the hell.They are one of the greatest bands in Japan formed in mid 80s.
Satisfy the instinct was put out by Selfish records in 87 and its included in the Will never die 7" a 2 CD release.On this record you have 6 fast and shouting tracks its a classic EP.


nedjelja, 1. ožujka 2009.

Framtid/Disclose-split 7"

This split is released in 2004 for their tour in the USA, it was released by Whisper in Darkness.On this split each band has 3 d-beat bombs, that tour was a total disaster Disclose had gigs only few on west coast but Framtid nothing.