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They where a hc/punk band from Berkley (California), band was active from 1980-1984, they were one of the most popular bands in San Francisco hc/punk scene.
Bands characteristics were Anarcho and D-beat sub-genres and also they had a split with the legendary Patareni (Croatia, Zagreb) in 92.

2-How When Where
3-Skinned Alive

5-No Limbs
6-Another Mouth to Feed
7-Search For The Sun


9-Three Miles To Oblivion

10-See Through Their Lies
11-Death Toll

12-Blind Destruction

13-Rise And Fall 14-Stop Torture


1-Steelcase Enclosure
2-Rise And Fall
4-The Capitulation
5-You Are Too Old
6-Religion Kills
7-Permanently Damaged
8-Brazen Hell
11-Search For The Sun
12-Rise And The Fall
13-No Limbs
14-Steelcase Enclosure
15-Permanently Damaged
16-See Through Their Lies
17-French Indo China
18-Across The Chaos
19-The Penalty Is Grim


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They were a hardcore/thrash/punk band from Dekalb (U.S.A) this legendary band was formed by a group of kids from age of 14-16 (Mike, Ebro, Mark).
Band took place from 1994-1997.


1-Why Do You Bother?*
2-Little Debbie*
3-I'm Sick Of Feminists*
4-Your Average Run Of The Mill Straight Edge Song*
5-Ricki Lake
6-Just Like All The Rest (Neos)*
7-The Shane Song
8-No More
9-Can't Take This*
10-Theme Song*
11-I Can't Be In A Band With You Because You Like Epitaph (Beatdown Remix)*
13-Diet Rootbeer*
14-Ebro's Bitter Onslaught On Jerry Springer's Unsuspecting Ass*
15-Sick of O.J.*
17-Bible Thumpers Go To Hell*
19-Security Blanket
20-Why Do You Bother?*
22-I Can't Be Friends With You Because You Like Epitaph*
23-Easy E's Fucking Dead And I Think It's Fucking Rad*
24-Second Hand Choke*
25-Theme Song*
26-Deaf and Dumb*
27-J.R.S. Beatdown
28-They Should Legalize Drugs So You Can Hurry Up And Fucking Die*
29-Crooked Teeth
30-Political Prisoners*
31-Obligatory Jock Slaughter Song*
32-You Get What You Pay For
33-Charles Bronson Will Not Turn Into A _______ Band
34-Rich Crusties Shall Pay*
35-Fuckin' Drunken Uncle
36-Fratguy On The Barbi
37-I Lied When I Said I Liked Your Zine*
38-Playing Lotto
39-Ants In The Kool Aid
40-What The Fuck Are You Going to Do When It's Cool to Be Yourself?*
41-Craig Ferris Sucks A Mean Cock*
42-Phil Anselmo's Pain Burns In The Heart of My Little Brother*
43-The Kids Are Gonna Stick Together*
44-Tabloid Suckass*
45-Cheese With Your Whine*
46-4 Alarm Counter Fuck
47-Annual Martyr To Your Social Life
48-History In The Making
49-Tony Victory Knows How to Party
50-Down For The Count
51-4 Hour Personality
52-No Points For The Losers*
53-Drunk Punks Is Hippies*
54-One Life Crew Goes On Slimfast*
55-Debate Team Bakesale
56-I Can Never Write Too Many Songs About Morons Like You*
57-Individualized Floor Puncher
58-Batting A Thousand And Still Striking Out
59-Let's Start A Revolution So I Can Break Some Shit*
60-The Great Pet Rock Comeback
61-What's Wrong With Me? (Faith)
62-Dream A Little Dream
63-Punching A Gift Horse In The Mouth*
64-The Story Of My Life
65-Grown Up Corpses
66-Bike Pig On A Rope
67-I'm So Smart Now
68-As Fucked As Gator
69-Skate For God*
70-You Will Go (Steve Caballero)
71-Better Never Than Late
72-412 Wolfpack*
73-Marriage Can Suck It*
74-Youth Attack!*
75-The Painful, Yet Unavoidable, Deathstar Comparison
77-Too Much of a Good Thing
78-Standing In Front Of Bulldog Records
79-Stock Footage
80-Pre (Im)mature Retirement Plan
81-The Only Time I Think About Romance Is When I Wonder Why I Don't Think About It*
82-Deaf And Dumb*
83-Fuck Technology, I'll Keep My Pocket Change*
84-Red And Green Make Yellow
85-Let's Start Another War So I Sing About Stopping It*
86-I Just Can't Avoid The Void In "Avoid"
87-Wastoid On The Celluloid
89-Close Encounters Of The Nerd Kind*
90-I.Q. 32 (Necros)*
91-Punch Drunk (Husker Du)*
92-The Tears Of A Clone
93-Last Warning (Who Fucking Cares)
94-Why Be Something That You're Not? (Good Question)
95-Rich Crusties (Live At Otto's)*
96-Seven More Shitty-Ass Songs (Live In Fuckin' Belgium)*


1-Why Do You Bother Ebro?*
2-Couldn't Fuckin' Care Less
3-Whatever Happened?
4-Mindless (Blah Blah Blah)*
5-The Worm Song
6-The Kids Are Gonna Stick Together*
7-Falling Off - Do It!
8-E.S.P. Girls Love Me*
9-Wailing Guitar Solos Vol. 1, A Chronology
10-(Fuck Being) Positive*
13-So What If I Puked Up McDonald's?*
15-Ralph On Ralph
16-Twiggy On My Mind
17-Cous Cous On The Loose Loose
18-Telecom U$A
19-I Go To School
20-Cross Me (Project X)*
21-Untitled (DeKalb Hatedge Forever)*

Download-Complete Discography

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This is a Hc/punk band that comes from Sweden, on this record you have 52 chaotic hardcore songs with a vocal that is rare to hear.
Songs are sorted first by Demo from 1980, after that from album "How Could Hardcore Get Any Worse" from 1982, and after that come two 7"(Det Bittra Slutet EP, Religion Sucks EP) these two 7" are great from vocal to chaotic play.

Download-Total Asocial

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SKREWDRIVER-Early Years (punk/rock)

I really thought about to put this so i decided this is that fuckin nazi band but this record is when they started and they where punk/rock in that time so nothing to say but listen for your self to me its good.
If anybody wants to comment please write but don t tell me some smart stuff CHEERS!!!

Download-All Skrewed Up

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NAKOT-Pod N.A.T.O. Bombama I Represijom Nacije

This band comes from Belgrade(Serbia) they are formed in 2005 and they are playing aggresive and fast raw, i recommend them to you they are great, lyrics are usual for raw.
Band has 2 vocals so that other vocal reminds me a little bit on ENT.

Download-Pod N.A.T.O. Bombama I Represijom Nacije

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I uploaded one live from Hanley (11.3.83), and their practice from 80 great stuff from this UK legends.


1-Sick Boy
4-Time Bomb
7-I Am The Haunted
9-Catch 23
10-Give Me Fire
11-City Baby Attacked By Rats
No Survivors

Download-Hanley (11.3.83)


2-She's A Killer
3-Wall of Sound
6-Prospective Convicted
7-Parisian Dictator
8-Drug's Party
9-Vietnam Blues
10-Sick Boy
13-Time Bomb
16-I Am The Haunted
18-Catch 23
19-Give Me Fire
20-City Baby Attacked By Rats
21-No Survivors
23-Bell End Bop

Download-Practice 80

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What to say about these guys except they are legends, they are formed in 83 in Zagreb, many people think that they are one of the first bands that started to play grind-core.
The band had many splits with great bands like ENT, Anal Cunt, Crucifix, Cripple Bastards, soon after that they gained a reputation of a cult-band.

Download-Ukor Pred Iskljucenje

Download-Patareni+Buka (1989) Split EP

Download-Live In Pingvinovo (1990) EP

Download-Patareni+Anal Cunt (1990) Split EP

Download-Patareni+Stres Drzavnog Aparata (1990) Split EP

Download-Patareni+U.B.R (1990) Split EP