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Ljubljana Hardcore

Here we have the legendary Slovenian bands, i think these bands are one of the best hardcore bands on Balkans.
The bands are:UBR(5 songs), Odpadki Civilizacije(4 songs), Tozibabe(5 songs-they are a 3 membered female group fucking great), Epidemija(5 songs), 3 Kategorija(6 songs).So download enjoy get drunk destroy :D


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I know little about this band, i only know its a Japanese D-beat band with a high influence on Discharge so check them out you wont regret.


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First oi band on this blog if you think i lost my mind for uploading this fuck off because this is one of the best OI bands of all time.
They are from New Mills in Derbyshire,this was a band of two punx and two skins who made the band.Their first release was a 4 track EP called "All Out Attack", as it was turned out the fans bought over 20 000 copies.On their concerts they would throw cans and bottles on the fans and that was what Blitz was all about!The band wanted to release the "The Time Bomb Demos", the bands 3rd single was "Warriors" what had a slight change in the sound of Blitz.To promote the album "Voice of the Generation" the band joined GBH and Abrasive Wheels on their tour, just to say the tour was a complete disaster.Mackie left the band then Tim Harris came in to help the band-he had been the main producer for the band and also the main engineer.Not long after that Nidge also left the band and joined Mackie to form"Rose Of Victory".Carl and Tim carried on as the Blitz and released "New Age".After that band totally change directions but some fans have been with them, they broke up in 1999 and it was weary sad because no one from oi music had never produced better music and lyrics than them so sad.:(

Download-Blitz_Voice of a generation The no future years-CD1

Download-Blitz_Voice of a generation The no future years-CD2

So download and be happy to have this :D enjoy !!!

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One of my favorite bands started in 1980 in a small town in called Tornio(Finland).
When Laja formed a Discharge influenced hardcore band with few friends.
Terveet Kadet means "healthy hands" the first band line up was:Laja(vocals), Tiimo(guitar), Piasky(bass) and Peedro(drums).
Peedro left Terveet Kadet in 1983 and was replaced by Walde who in 1984 died in an accident.Some classics from that era are the "Halloween" and "Black God" LP, both where later released in Germany and the "Black God" LP also in Brasil.
After Waldes tragic death, Tilli took his place, at the end of 80s Tiimo and Piasky decided to leave the band and then Terveet Kadet had their softest period in the history of the band.Laja and Tilli moved to Oulu in the "noisiest" city in the Finland, around year 1990 they found new members Maike(guitar) and Kahmy(bass), who only one year later was replaced by Lene who was an old friend from Tornio.With this new line up:Laja(vocals), Tilli(drums), Maike(guitar) and Lene(bass) the music sounded a bit more metal and lyrics where replaced from Finnish to English.At the end of 1998 Lene(bass) moved to the US and a couple months later he was replaced by a new guy Puksu.
The 2000 year passed with rehersals and demoing new material in the classic SM studio where they made one of the best recordings of all time.
Before the album was finnished Lene moved back to Finland where he
immediately rejoined the band.Later Tilli(drums) stop playing in the band because of personal reasons and then camed the replacement Luttinen.Peedro came back on the drums and a new guy Ilari on guitar Lene moved to bass again, Terveet Kadet recorded new 9 tunes in Tornio in 2007, and more gigs are just coming up :D

Download-Anno Domini
Download- self titled mlp 1983


Mellakka was formed by two young punx Jappe and Pete in the Finnish town Rauma in 1983.They said that they formed the band because they heard Discharge and some compilation with Kaaos,Terveet Kadet and Riistetyt and they looked a first hc gig in their town with Appendix and Destructions.
The first band members where Pete(vocals), Jappe(drums), Kapulainen(bass), Janne(guitar) they only had few gigs then Pete took place as a bass in Pohjasakke.
Then they found a new bass Holkka, a Kapulainen took the vocals and then they recorded their first EP "Ei".
Album took place in 84, year later they found a new guitar called Pertullu and Pete was back on vocal and then they recorded their second EP-'Itsenäisyyspäivä' for Rat Poison Records.
After that they had a bunch of gigs in Finland.
Year later 86 they were planing to record LP track but they didn"t they only recorded a 3 song demo.After that the band broke up, and they had some rehersals after that but only for fun so we still await their reunion :D



This is one of the best compilations for hardcore.Here you have 35 great songs and most of them are great:D
The bands in the compilation are:Bastards(5 songs), Antikeho(4 songs), Kaaos(3 songs), Nato(4 songs), Terveet Kadet(2 songs), Riistetyt(5 songs), 013(3 songs), Maho Neitsyt(2 songs), Appendix(2 songs), Sekunda(3 songs), Dachau(2 songs).
That was that download and be a proud ovner of this compilation its great :D


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The legendary Swedish hardcore band were made by Lasse Skit(vocals), Jonsson(bass), Jimmy(guitar), Bob(drums) in 1981 in Goteborg.They recorded only one EP "7" for Malign Massacre and that was that legendary album Cracked cop skulls.
That EP is so full of chaotic power and it is weary aggresive it sounds to me that they been drunk like shit.They had gigs with Exploited, Discharge... and they made a legendary mark on Swedish hardcore.
They broke up in 1982 only year later,from the band members only was active Jonsson who in that time sing for Anti-Cimex and later he started to sing for Wolfpack/Wolfbrigade.
Download this two albums and destroy something!

Download-Silence/Cracked Cop Skulls

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This is one hc/thrash(D-beat mostly) band from Hannover(Germany) they started in 1992 under big influence of Discharge.
band members where:Eric(vocal), Paul(guitar), Jens(guitar), Armin(bass), Bjorn(drums).
They broke up in 1998 after the tour in Japan.
They sound like D-beat and their aggresive and fast playing is fucking great so download it you wont be disapointed :)


Moderat Likvidation

Moderat Likvidation was a Swedish punk band from Malmo.They were formed in 1980 by Patrik and Per,they found the other two members Sammi(bass) and Stefan(drums) one year after.In 1982 Sammi left the band and he was replaced by Cliff.In 1983 they played their mayor gigs and recorded their first EP.
Last members of the band Fjalle(vocal), Cliff(bass), Per(guitar), Stefan(drums), Tobbe (shouting discography).
They are still playing.


DISORDER - Mental Disorder 7'' EP '83

This punk band was formed in Bristol(England).The first line up was Mick(bass), Steve(guitar), Virus(drums), Dean(vocals).They produced a demo tape in the Riot City Records, but after they been turned down they had their own records called Disorder Records.After the release of "Complete Disorder", Mick left and he was replaced by Steve Robinson.After that Dean left too and he was replaced with Taff who took the bass and the group persuaded their roadie Boobs to take over thee vocals.After the recording of Perdition the band set for a tour with the Varukers.
Virus felt that it is enough so he left the band and he was replaced with Glenn.They moved to a shared squat with the Amebix and lived there for a while.
They disbanded and reformed several times in 90s and 00s.

Download-Demo 1980

Download DISORDER-Mental Disorder 7'' EP '83