utorak, 27. srpnja 2010.

W.D.M - Freedom Of Music 1987


1-Freedom Of Music
2-Different Battlefields
4-Communist Disease


W.D.M - Tomorrow "s Gone 1986


2-Tomorrows Soldiers
3-Another Song
4-War Is Here
5-Tomorrow's Gone


W.D.M - Democracy 1985

Dunno much except they are from Finland and have 3 Ep"s this is the first one (1985), they were influenced by Discharge on the first two Ep"s "Democracy and Tomorrow "s Gone (1986)" on the third Ep "Freedom Of Music (1987)" it has a bit different sound more Motorhead metal sound.


2-Passive Observers - Killer
4-War Why
8-Peace And Freedom


srijeda, 21. srpnja 2010.

DISCHARGED - Tribute To Discharge


1-C.F.U.D.L. (Crazy Fucked Up Daily Life) - Ain't No Feeble Bastard
2-C.F.U.D.L. (Crazy Fucked Up Daily Life) - Does This System Work?!
3-Concrete Sox - Death Dealers
4-Concrete Sox - Is This To Be
5-Disaster - Mania For Conquest
6-Excrement Of War - Tomorrow Belongs To Us
7-Extreme Noise Terror - No T.V. Sketch
8-Extreme Noise Terror - Religion Instigates
9-Extreme Noise Terror - They Declare It
10-Nausea - Hear Nothing, See Nothing, Say Nothing
11-Raw Noise - A Look At Tomorrow
12-Raw Noise - Always Restrictions
13-S.D.S. (Societic Death Slaughter) - Doomsday
14-S.D.S. (Societic Death Slaughter) - Why
15-Scamp - Free Speech For The Dumb
16-Scamp - Two Monstrous Nuclear Stockpiles


ponedjeljak, 19. srpnja 2010.


Homo Homini Lupus started in june 2003 with Dragan (Nulla Osta, Mercenary Cockroach) on bass and Luze (Hijos del Pueblo) on drums. Back then we played just for the fun, without any serious plans for the future. Some songs where made, but progress was very slow...

Everything started to change in fabruary 2004 when Mr. Bane joined the band on the guitar and came up with the name Homo Homini Lupus.

Line up from february 2004 to nowdays:
Mr. Bane - guitar
Dragan - bass/vox
Luze - drums/vox

In just few months we had enough songs to record first full length album "Neverending Nonsense", which was released for BUM Records on cd and tape (as split release with legendary hc band Wasserdicht). Everything was finished just in time for the up coming European tour which happend in september 2004. Now, we where really speeding ahead, but not all good came out... From march to september 2004 we managed to write, record and release all songs from "Neverending Nonsense" along with booking the up coming tour. Because of all these plans, projects and occupation with other bands we play with, sound on the record did not turned out as we wanted...but all that it's in the past!

In 2008 after playing numerous gigs and always improving our sound combining dis-core with grindcore, we have released devastating, aggressive and insane new album called "What a fucking waste of life" on EBM Records from Mexico and also on DHP-AK47/Demonkracija/Twisted Justice (Balkan Edition) in late 2008.
Once again, the release came out just in time for promotional tour in Brazil that followed in January 2009. We hit the road for 4 weeks and played 13 shows along with countless bands who become our personal favorites.
Now, in the second half of the year 2010, we have finished our third album called "Without Us They Don't Exist" and it's going to be out in August. Watch out for the news about upcoming release and gigs. See you on the road, I ve uploaded "What a fucking wate of life" and "Neverending nonsense"... enyoj!!!

Tracks - Neverending nonsense:

1-Ghost From The Past
2-In Vivo
3-Now And Then
4-Empty Words
5-Walking Dead
6-PLaying God In World Peace
7-4 Wall Violence
8-Casuality Of Life
9-Rotting Lungs
10-Legal Crime

Download - Neverending Nonsense

Tracks - What A Fucking Waste Of Life:

1-Screams From The Closet
2-Rotating Bomb
3-Too Many Why s
4-Breathe For Their Need
5-Mental Disease
6-Ecstasy Of Death
7-Homo Sapiens Varies Monstrum
8-Abolishing The Borders
10-In Vivo
11-PLaying God In World Peace
12-Ne Gutaj Sve Sto Ti Se Servira

Download - What A Fucking Waste Of Life

četvrtak, 15. srpnja 2010.

PATARENI - Never Healed 2004

The best record from Patareni, Croatian grindcore legends i think this album was recorded with Cripple Bastards.
This album contains GG Allins song "No Rules" which i think the singer of Cripple Bastards is singing and there is yet "No Rules song on Croatian called Bez Suvišnih Pravila Koja Bi Nas Gnjavila" with the Patareni singer, one more thing the old Patareni records are low quality but this one is great so this record is my personal reccomendation, one more thing that is interesting on this record 70% of songs are written backwards just to let you know CHEERS!!!


2-Adnukes Gnos Anešalps
6-Atentat Na Sluh Mulci ...Po Parku
8-Bez Grižnje Savjesti
9-Bez Suvišnih Pravila Koja Bi Nas Gnjavila - No Rules (Patareni singer)
10-Bok Jude
12-Caruk Ot Ej Evs
13-Chain Saw Shaving Mother
15-Dio Mase
16-Disgrace To The Corpse Of Bullshit (Garage Mix)
17-Dolazak Bogumilske Sekte Na Ping-Pong
18-Đoni Bi Z Guza
19-Ear Outrage Geeks ...In The Park
20-Efil Daed
22-Esam Oid
24-Fuck You All
25-Gimme Your Kanta Tonight
26-Girl Called Mara But Not Necessary
27-Have Nothing
28-Intro & System Shit
29-Išanitab Inčilu
30-Itsejvas Ejnžirg Zeb
32-Johnny Be Fuzz
35-Lla Ouy Kcuf
38-Molip Monrotom Okjam Em Jirbo
39-Ne Gnoji
40-Nemamo Ništ
41-Neratap & Ortni
42-No Remorse
43-No Rules (G.G.Allin) - Cripple Bastards singer
44-No Text
46-O.T.P (Omladini Treba Pomoći)
47-Obrij Me Majko Motornom Pilom
49-Part Of The Crowd
52-Pissing Party
55-Scared Song Second To Nowhere
56-Second Two Instrumental
57-Sekunda Dve Instrumental
58-Slave To My Paunch
59-Smradovi U Prolazu
61-Splašena Song Sekunda
62-Sramota Za I Posle Ručka
63-Stench Passing By
64-Stinking It Over
65-Street Bastinado
66-Sve Je To Kurac
67-The Fajrunt Song Za Po Doma
68-Tihs Metsys & Ortni
69-Tihsllub Fo Esproc Eht Ot Ecargsid
70-Tšin Omamen
71-Ukrap Op... Iclum Huls An Tatneta
72-Ulaz U Sistem Govnarske Zajebnice
73-Ulični Batinaši
74-Utrujenost (U.B.R)
75-Uzalorp U Ivodarms
77-Youth Need Help
78-Zzuf Eb Ynnhoj


utorak, 13. srpnja 2010.

ANTISECT - In Darkness There Is No Choice

Legendary UK anarcho punk that i have posted here before so here you go something more and enjoy !!!


1-They (The Eternal Myth And Paradox)
2-The World's Biggest Runt
3-A Midsummer Night's Dream
4-Channel Zero
5-Yet They Still Ignore
6-The Ghost Of Mankind
7-Tortured And Abused
8-Education Or Indoctrination
9-In Darkness
11-Hallo There How's Life
12-The Buck Stops Here


srijeda, 7. srpnja 2010.

ANTI STATE - When Corporations Rule The World 7"

This is an American hc/punk/crust band from Portland formed i think in 98 and this record is from 98 band was mostly influenced by Aus Rotten, this record was made in Gasmask Records nothing more to say only to download them great band.


1-Meaningless existence
2-Monument to money
3-Squatting is not illegal
4-Vile horrendous McCrap
5-Controlled by propaghanda