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One nice compilation with UK anarcho/punk bands that you need to have!


1-Dirt - Antiwar
2-Zounds - War
3-Metro Youth - Red Rifles
4-Flowers In The Dustbin - November Song
5-Kronstadt Uprising - Blind People
6-Political Asylum - Disarm Or Die
7-Astronauts - Typical Day

8-Antrax - Introduction To War
9-A-Heads - Forgotten Hero
10-The System - Dogs Of War
11-Sanction - Unknown Soldier
12-Instigators - The Blood Is On Your Hands
13-Blood Robots - The Valley
14-Lost Cherees - Why Does It Have To Be A Dream
15-Riot Clone - Neu-Vestation
16-Youth In Asia - When The Wind Blows

17-Psycho Faction - Threat
18-Naked - What A Way To Die
19-Omega Tribe - Duty Calls
20-Anti System - Government Lies
21-Faction - Obligatory War Song
22-Rubella Ballet - Belfast
23-The Snipers - I Know


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I alredy wrote about Minor Threat so i need to say something about Youth Brigade, the story starts in 1980 in Hollywood(Clifornia), their first gig in 1981 was as a 6 membered band but they played with 3 band members.
In 84 they had a tour in Europe, and soon after that they released a 3 song EP called "What Price" but soon after that younger brother Adam left the band so he can continue his art class.
They split up in 85 but in 91 after a meeting (Mark, Adam) in one bar in Hamburg they decided to play again Shawn agreed to reform the band, from that year the band is still present and they are doing much gigs.


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The band was formed in 79 in Bolton but they really started to play in 1980 when Harvi(vocal) camed to the band, in that year they had much gigs around London.
Band was singed to the Pax records, in 83 Karl left Xtract and started to play with Exploited and then Xtract split-up.But in 85 Harvi was not satisfied what happened to the band so he decided to call the former band members to play again but nobody wanted to play but he found 3 new guys.
Barney(guitar), Dylan(drums), Jon Kitson(bass), soon after that Karl left Exploited and he moved back to Bolton then Harvi asked him to get back to the band and he accepted in that year they had great gigs as the support ban
d that tour with main bands like G.B.H, UK Subs, Broken Bones.
They splited up in 85 when Karl left the band to play the second guitar with Broken Bones, they are playing again hope to see them somewhere.

P.S-I need to say that Xtrcat appears on a great compilation called "Have A Rotten Christmas" that you can download here, and one more thing if anybody has the vol2 of this great compilation i would be greatful to leave me the link!

Download-Insanity Living Demo 81

Download-Blame It On The Youth EP

Download-Compilation Tracks And Live

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Here you go more from Amebix i have alredy uploaded "No Sanctuary" so i will leave the link to the tag on the blog CHEERS!!!

Download-Demo 1979


Download-No Sanctuary



This is a video of Amebix and Disorder in their squat in Bristol.

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This is a UK anarcho/punk band formed in 1980, band in that year mostly played with Crass before releasing their first "EP-Object, Refuse, Reject, Abuse" on the Crass labels.
Their second record "Never Mind Dirt,Here s The Bollocks" was also recorded on Crass labels that was a live LP from 82, in 82 they didn t play for some time but soon after they hit the road again.
They split up in 86 but in 92 they started again.

Download-Black And White(disk 1)

Download-Black And White(disk 2)

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HELLKRUSHER-Fields Of Blood EP 7"

Here you go something more from these hc/punk thrash band, i will upload more from them soon until then CHEERS!!!