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The band was formed in 1983 in Landskrona(Sweden).After their first EP from 83 they camed to the scene with a new vocal.Old singer left the band after the release of the first EP and was replaced by Puma.After that they released their third EP at the end of the 80s that record was punk rock and then they changed their name to Bristles D.C.


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The band was formed in 1978 as the Band with no name,then they recorded a demo wich they sold in only 4 copies hehe!After that the band changed their drummer Martin.So then Baron and Stig got Norman to play the synth for them.
In 1981 they moved to Bristol where they met Disorder and live with them in a squat.
Virus(Disorder s drummer) started to drum for Amebix and in 1983 left Disorder to drum for Amebix.They recorded "Who is the enemy" EP, "Winter 7", "No Sanctuary 12" EP,in 1985 "Arise" was recorded and in 1987 "Monolith".Amebix fell appart in 1987 and their last gig was in Sarajevo(Bosnia).


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On this compilation you have some anarho,hc and a polish band Dezerter, download it is not a bad compilation it has some good bands like Dezerter,Broken Bones,Anthrax,Uk Subs... download and enyoj.


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I dont know anything about this band appart they are from Japan, but they are fucking good the sound the voice one of the best bands in Japan along side with Confuse and Disclose:)


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The band was formed in 1980 they where influenced by UK and some of US hc bands.In 1981 the first line-up started to play noisy and chaotic hc.Kaaos first EP 8 camed like a split with a band called Cadgers(later Riistetyt).Jakke was the only original member in the band,the band would frequently changed their members.Not so long after that the band released their famous EP "Totaalinen Kaaos" that EP was the one of the best selling records in Finland.In 1984 came out record called "Ristiinnaulittu Kaaos".
During their European tour they recorded a split LP with Terveet Kadet called "So Much Fun".In 1985 they toured all over Finland and Europe, and then they recorded another EP (wich camed out in 1993) and n that year they did their final show.


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They are formed in the early 80s coming from Gothenbur(Sweden).First name of this band was Total Armsvett but they changed their name to Disarm not long time ago.They played in Sweden Finland with bands Kaaos,Anti-Cimex,Mob 47.They recorded great stuff like fosterland,domd....
So all i am going to say download and comment.


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This band comes from a town called Norberg(Sweden) the band was formed in 82 by Ebbe and Pelle.This ss on bands name isnt nazi it stands for "society system".
They had realy big shit about that with the police,and some people.But never mind that i need to say that they had problems with people who came to their gigs because they would say to them that they are a nazi band and other shit like that but they would not give a crap about that.Things have changed when came a new singer(Sven) and drummer(Hocke) then they recorded a demo "100 dead cops"and after that they recorded a album in studio called "Who Will Survive".
They falled appart in 1895 sadly but that is the way it goes :(



This is an antoher EX YU HC band who come from Slovenia, it is veary interesting that they are all female.They had their best gig in Belgrades Academy and also in Solun.They released one EP7 and they are on a hardcore compilation called "Ljubljana Hardcore" you have it on my blog.
Band members where:Lidija,Marsa,Krischka.
So download this great EX YU HC band :D


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This band was a Finnish HC band wich influences where Discharge, Chaos UK...
They released a demo 7 called "Sotta"(on Finnish means war) and another called "Kuollut & Kuopattu" i just need to mention this SS means super stars so dont think they are fucking nazis this is just a provocation.This is one of my favorite bands and i hope it will be yours:D
About their sound its fast,loud voice is grunging and screaming a perfect music to get drunk and enjoy in this cold winter nights.


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Here you go a link with some great music !!! i found it on this blog:


DISTRESS - Put U Raj 7''

This is a EX YU HC band created i think in 80s, they come from Belgrade (Serbia).
They are one of the first waves of hc in Belgrade, the original band name was Herpes Distress, but they changed name in 1982 to Distress.They where greatly influenced by Finnsih hc bands like Kaaos,Rattus,Bastards.
In 1984 they entered into a studio and recorded this tape Put U Raj 7 which was released 12 years later in 200 copies.