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The Exploited come from Scotland, and they are the second wave of the UK punk they started to play in 79 as an OI band, but soon after that they formed into a fast street hc/punk.
They are formed in Edinburgh by soldier named Wattie Buchan, they singed into "Secret Records" in 81 and recorded their EP "Army Life" and also in that year they recorded "Punks Not Dead" the band has continue
d in 2000 despite their frequent line-up changes.

Download-Army Life (1980)

1-Army Life
2-Fuck The Mods
3-Crashed Out

Download-Dead Cities (1981)

1-Dead Cities
2-Hitler's In The Charts Again
3-Class War

Download-Rival Leaders (1983)

1-Rival Leaders
2-Army Style

Download-The Exploited

1-Barmy Army
2-I Believe In Anarchy/What You Gonna Do

Download-War Now (1988)

1-War Now
2-United Chaos And Anarchy
3-Sexual Favours (Dub Version)

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This is a great compilation with legendray bands like(Chaos UK, Extreme Noise Terror, Raw Noise...)

Track List:
1-Chaos UK-For Adolfs Only
2-Chaos UK-Bone Idol
3-Chaos UK-Brain Bomb
4-Raw Noise-Defiant Pose
5-Raw Noise-G.L.C.
6-Red Flag 77-No One
7-Extreme Noise Terror-Borstal Breakout
Extreme Noise Terror-Johnny Won't Get To Heaven
9-Filthkick (Legless)-Naive
Filthkick (Legless)- Sonic Reducer
11-Red Flag 77-Sad So Sad
12-Poison Idea-New Rose


PUKE-Back To The Stone Age LP 88

Here you go more from this Swedish legends enyoj! ! !


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They are formed in 81 in Grantham and soon they produced 2 demos called "Free To Kill" and "Show No Mercy".In 83 they toured with G.B.H and Discharge as the support band, but also in 83 they singed in for the Clay Records and released a 6 track EP called "Mad Punx And English Dogs".
Their first album was "Invasion Of The Porky Men" recorded in 84, soon after that they left the Clay Records and they singed in for the Rot Records and recorded "To The Ends Of The Earth", and one more thing before that in 83 Wakey was replaced by Ade Bailey and guitar was also replaced with Graham Butt from Destructors.
Wakey camed to the band again to record "Back To None", Gizz left English Dogs and started playing withe the Prodigy.

In 2007 English Dogs reformed in their original line-up exept Pinch.


Original line-up:

Ade Bailey-vocal

Graham Butt-lead guitar
Jon Murray-guitar

Present line-up:


Nick Winch-guitar

Download- Mad Punx and English Dogs

Download-1982 Demo

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MAU MAUS-Facts Of War EP

The Mau Maus were formed by school friends Chris, Lev, Podge and Bunny around 1979, Infuenced by american Hardcore bands such as The Germs, Middle Class,and DOA also by more melodic bands such as the Dickies, Ramones, Pistols, the Clash, Chelsea and the Jam. Practicing at a local hall in Renishaw on the outskirts of Sheffield they honed in there sound to the more harsher harcore following mixing power, speed and the odd tune. After playing gigs a their local youth clubs, they ventured out into the Big city with gigs a various back street boozers such as the Hallamshire hotel and the George IV, making a slight improvement to their sound, the band started getting a loyal following, and at one of these gigs they were stumbled on by Local music impersario!! Marcus Featherby, who had latched on to the up and coming second wave of punk by promoting major punk acts at the Marples in the city center of Sheffield. The first support the Maus Maus got on was at the said venue as guests to The Angelic Upstarts, more gigs followed up and down the country and the band started getting some decent press. In 1982 the band released their first 7" vinyl, Society's Rejects featuring 8 no compromise tracks which were the back bone of their live show, a track from this EP "The Kill" also featured on an anti-war LP called wargasm which also featured, Captain Sensible, Angelic Upstarts, Infa Riot and many more. again this gave the band great exposure abd led to the band playing the Legendary 100 club in London with The Upstarts and Charlie Harpers Urban Dogs (a punk super group featuring the UK Subs front man). That same year the Mau Maus returned to the studio to record their second single, which was also released on Marcus's PAX records, this time the session was produced by Lee Wilson (lead vocalist with Infa riot), the resulting 4 tracks was much more of a solid sounding affair, 3 of which featured on a single called "No concern". Their friendship with Lee Wilson gave them more exposure while playing gigs with the infa riot and an Infamous gig at the Leadmill Sheffield Supporting Dead Kennedy's with the cult figure of Jello Biafia dancing "like a gud un" to the band before his band hit the stage. 1983 saw them record their "Facts of War" EP, again showing how the band had matured, it reached No 6 in the punk charts. Label mates at the time The Exploited invited the band on their "lets start a war" Tour in 1983, but on the last date of the tour, Bunny was taken seriously ill, this obviously knocked the band backwards and for a while things were looking very grim indeed, even though it wasn't the same, the band continued to rehearse with Geg (from a local punk band) filling in and also doing a benifit gig for Bunny with Glyn Warrington from the Angelic Upstarts playing Bass. After a while things became much better with Bunny's health and even though he was out of action for a while, it allowed the band to continue with Alf on bass which resulted in a successful tour of Germany with the Varukas. Also saw the release of a Live Album called "live at the marples" which reached No 3 in the independant. 1984 was a very tough year for the band, what with Bunny getting over his illness, two members of the band Lev and Podge found themselves embroiled in the Miners strike and Chris was on the dole. They also found themselves without a record label, not to be out done the band went into the studio and recorded the "tear down the walls" EP with Alf on bass and an album called "Fear No Evil" produced by Simon Hinkler (mission guitarist) This was a more melodic affair but still had their trade mark harsh vocals by Chris and cutting lyrics brought on by the miners strike. The band did a UK tour with the English Dogs and also Headlined The Leadmill in their home town of Sheffield, but things where changing, the music of that era was getting more poppy and more and more bands were having to change their style to accomodate this. The Mau Maus recuited a second guitarist Richard Hall and recorded, which turned out to be their last record, "Nowhere to Run "EP which also welcomed back Bunny on bass and the band did a tour to promote this. Things were getting harder and harder for Chris who dosen't mind admitting that he was stuggling with the new direction of the band and also the fact that Chris had started a new job and was finding getting time off was impossible. Chris left the band with the best wishes of his band mates which allowed the band to search for a new vocalist, but obviously things were never the same and the band eventually split. Even though the band have had their ups and downs, they all remain firm friends to this day and enjoy a beer together on regular occasions. Chris always says "We made no Money, proberly got ripped off, but we toured Europe and the UK playing some great gigs and had a great time"


Sorry for not writing i was lazy ;)

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U.B.R-Yugoslavia Panic 7"

This is one of the best or better say the best band in EX YU scene, they are from early 80"s from Ljubljana(Slovenija), they play fast aggresive and short songs with noisy vocal.
This is my recommendation download this if you didnt heard them!


KANSAN UUTISET-Beautiful Dreams

I dont know anything about this band only that they started to play in the early 80s and i know this is their only official release LP on Rock O Rama.
People who listened this band in that time and who had luck to go on their gig often would go because of chaos on gigs and because Sassta"s big mohawk, all to say great band with great songs worth of listening in any case ;)

1-Jimmy Palmer(guitar/vocal)
2-Jyrki Mattila(bass/vocal)
3-Pekka Pakalen(drums)
4-Jukka Rahkonen(main vocal)


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Punk rock band Chaos UK began its long journey in 1979, with a lineup consisting of vocalist Simon, guitarist Andy, bassist Kaos, and drummer Potts. They eventually signed with Riot City Records and released two 7" records in 1982. That same year, they released an eponymous LP with a slightly different lineup. Kaos had moved to vocals, and new members Spot and Nige took over on drums and bass, respectively. They left the label soon after and disappeared until 1984's Lawless Britain, also known as Short Sharp Shock, which came out on Children of the Revolution Records. They also had a new lineup at this point, now featuring singer Mower, drummer Chuck, guitarist Gabba, and Kaos. An interesting minor controversy would result from this album, as Michelle Shocked would release an album called Short Sharp Shocked with virtually the same cover art, much to the band's dismay. The lineup actually lasted to the next album, 1986's Radioactive Earslaughter, which came out at the same time as a split disc with Extreme Noise Terror. Without any real reason, they went into semi-retirement almost immediately afterwards, staying out of the music scene until 1989, which saw the release of Chipping Sodbury Bonfire Tapes on their own Slap Up Records. The title was a dig at Shocked, who had an album titled The Texas Campfire Tapes. Mower would soon leave the band, bringing Kaos back to vocals and bringing in Beki on bass. The Live in Japan album was recorded in 1991 (although it came out three years later), but after their tour of the east they would lose Chuck and replace him with Devilman. They also added a second guitarist, Vic (ex-Reagan Youth). This lineup would release the Making Half a Killing album soon after (the title is a play on another Extreme Noise Terror split disc). 1993 saw the release of One Hundred Percent Two Fingers in the Air on Century Media Records. New drummer Phil Thudd and new bassist J. signed on for King for a Day (1996), Morning After the Night Before (1996), and Heard It, Seen It, Done It (1997), but Devilman was still in the band and even played on the albums while Beki had since left. Members of the band began to start side projects, including A.D. Rice and the Wuzzuks, but they still released Total Chaos in 1999 and Chaos in Japan in 2001.

Sorry i copied this from some page i didnt have time to write!


I will put more from them tommorw!

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THE VARUKERS-Prepare fo the attack/One struggle one fight

They were formed in 79 by vocal "Rat" Martin, when they started they played similar to Discharge or as we now say D-beat, but they also sheared their anarchistic ideology.
When they started to record in early 80s they were a part of the "trend" called UK 82 or UK/hc, the band first split up in 88 but Rat has assembled them and they started to play in 93 and in the 90s the band also preserved the UK 82 sound style, but since they had some Discharges members their sound developed in D-beat, the band is still playing today and they are writing new songs for the next album.
For those who dont know Rat is vocal today in Varukers and in Discharge.
They are from London.


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AUS ROTTEN-Not One Single Fucking Hit 1997

This is a collection of one album, and four 7"s and some live recordins of Aus Rotten, this is called a discography but it is the two albums that follow 1999-And now back to our programming and 2001-The rotten agenda.
P.S-i need to say that this in this recording i dont have 4 songs:

From Protest To Resistance (live) (Conflict)
2-Swastika Rats (live) (Upright Citizens)

3-Tube Disasters (live) (Flux of Pink Indians)
4-Rock And Roles[30 Years](live) (Chumbawamba)


AUS ROTTEN-Anti Imperialist

They were an a American hc/punk band formed in 92 in Pittsburgh(Pennsylvania), they are one of the most popular bands in a underground, crust and anarcho subcultures, they splited up in 2001.

Band members were:

1-Dave Trenga(lead vocal)
2-Eric Good(vocal/guitar)
3-Corey Lyons(bass)
4-Matt Garabedian(drums)
5-Spitboy or Adrienne Droogas would mostly join the band in their later materials on songs that would sing about sexism, and gender issues.


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Band started to perform around 12. Mth 2007., Under the name "funeral company". At that time they made their first gigs and they recorded their first demo "Povratak Bombarderasa" with 13 things. Playing hardcore punk, themes are apolitical, describes todays situation of society and the individual in society. First band members were- Čeh-vocal, Klen-guitar, Gradski - BAS, Branko - drums, Backvocal.
After some arguments in the band Čeh has left the band and they are without vocal, but soonly after that in the end of 2008 comes Vuk who replaces him, they started to do more stuff and they changed their name to STIGMA.
They are one of Croatians finest Hc bands so we wish them much luck in their future gigs.
P.S-Almost forgot band is from Zagreb(Croatia)

Here is one of Stigma"s flyer from Ljubljana(Slovenija) with Inepsy



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The band was formed in 1981 and they played OI/punk, they formed a band because two million people in UK was not working and they were 4 of that 2 million people so they decided to form a band.
They were infuenced by Clash, Damned..., at the time they had some problems in pubs because they thought they were right wing from NF(national-front) so they didnt let them pass.
In 84 band split up because they found jobs and made a shit on some gig so they were arrested and after their releases the time was to go to work so they decided to not play anymore.

Band Members:


Download-Made in England

Download-Practice 1983

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This band is legendary also with Siekiera, Dezerter, Deuter... they play hardcore punk with great noise vocals.The band was formed in 83 by Pavel(guitar/vocal), Piotr(bass/vocal), Tomek(drums).
The band is really worth of listening as i also said that they are legends in Poland and one great band to me.

And here you go their biography from myspace:

1983 - in a dirty, covered with smoke of the factory chimneys Polish town Lodz, the band Moskwa (Moscow) was formed - a big legend of Polish underground, one of the most original and charismatic bands of the Eastern-Europe punkrock scene. From the very beginning the most important role in the band played Pawel "Guma" Gumola - guitarist , singer, and author of almost all songs and lyrics, who soon became a symbol of the new movement. Already a couple of months after being formed, Moskwa attends successfully some local band-competitions, instantly raising great interest of the audience. Next year, Moskwa plays - as a newcomer - at the Rock Music Festival Jarocin (the biggest festival in Poland at that time). The band had an enthusiastic welcome and overnight became an insider tip in the Polish independent scene. The success at the festival made it possible to record four songs for the radio, which were later released on their first MC "Nigdy!" (Never!). The album soon gained "cult" status and showed that Moskwa successfully mixed aggressive and "gutsy" sound - inspired by bands like GBH (for whom they played support some years later) or Discharge - with their nihilistic, rooted in the reality of communist Poland lyrics. Next year the band toured extensively, playing innumerable concerts and festivals (among others "Rock Arena '85" in Poznan, Rock FAMA'85 in Swinoujscie, III Grand Festival Robrege, and Jarocin Rock Musik Festival '85 - this time as a headliner ). The band keeps on touring and plays also at the "1 Zlocie Mlodziezy Cynicznej Ery Atomowej - Nowa Scena" (1st Meeting of the Youth of the Cynical Atom Era) in Gdynia. Jarocin Festival '86 was very important in Moskwa's history due to the interest of British Television, which resulted in their appearence on the BBC's film about the Polish rock-scene: "My Blood, Your Blood". The film was broadcasted in seven countries (among others U.K, U.S.A, Sweden) and came - strongly censored - in polish cinemas next year. Because of the communist censorship, Polish official media refused to call the band - Moskwa, choosing less "dangerous" names of "M-kwa", or the like. Of course the fans knew who was meant by this, and the band themselves never changed their name. In 1986/87 Moskwa appears in three more films: "Fala" (The wave) directed by P. Lazarkiewicz, "Opowiesc Harleya" (Harleys Tale) directed by W. Helak and "Wiecej bluesa" (More blues) directed by P. Lazarkiewicz) - a record of the concert in the Penitentiary Nr. 1 in Strzelce Opolskie. Because of the miserable equipment Guma recites the text before each song to the sentenced to 20-25 years, perforcely seated audience. The prisoners had built a drum set to welcome the band, but during the gig they were not supposed to even stand up (not to talk of pogo) The band changes quite often its line up, but always the constant element stays the leader- Guma. 1987: The band plays among others at the "IV Rock... Dla Spragnionych Muzyki - Nowa Scena" in Sopot , "Rock Music Festival Jarocin'87" and "V Grand Festival Robrege" March 1989- two years after being recorded - their first LP comes out - at last! Self titled album ("Moskwa"- LP Pronit) was recorded with the Warsaw-line up: Darek "Maleo" Malejonek on the bass, on drums - Gogo Szultz and Piotr Stopa Zyzelewicz (Izrael, Kultura, Armia, Voo Voo, T.Love and 2Tm2,3). The first edition of 20.000 copies was sold out immediately and got big praises from the music-critics. Concerts across the country and Rock Music Festival Jarocin'89 August 1990: Moskwa supports the grandiose "Killing Joke" at the "VII Grand Festival Robrege". In the Autumn - club concerts in Germany and a recording session for the new LP "Zycie Niezwykle" (Extraordinary Life) which comes out at the end of the year. 1991: The band practically ceases to exist...soon, influenced by the inner changes of the leader and his interest in meditation and eastern religions a new mystically-musical project "5000 Lat" is called into life, but that is another story. 1994 - A CD reedition of the LP "Nigdy!" is released. Summer 1998: The magazine "Pop Noise" releases a sample-CD mit HC/Punk and New Wave Bands - "Porzucona Generacja". June 2001: The release of "Moskwa - 1984 Koncert". It is the recording of the concert from the 15th of May 1984 in "Siodemki", Lodz. September 2001: Reactivation of the band with: Guma - guitar, vocal, Tomasz "Mech" Wojciechowski - guitar (ex- Blitzkrieg, Jezabell Jazz, Closterkeller), Krzysztof Grudzinski - bass, Jacek "Spinio" Cynkier - drums; in November first concerts since a long time in Lodz, Wroclaw i Poznan. June 2002: Concerts in Germany (Hamburg, Berlin), more and more concerts in Poland, among others - a phenomenal gig in Rock-Café Gdansk. December 2002: Re-release of the first LP "Moskwa" on the CD. Apart from the material from the debut album, as a bonus, it also contains rarieties from the early recording sessions in Radio Lodz and live-versions from (among others) Rock Music Festival Jarocin'84, Rock FAMA'85, Riwiera-Remont'87, as well as, little known videoclips and live material. August 2005: The band plays a furious concert for more than 300 000 people at the Woodstock Festival in Poland as a co-headliner with "Die Toten Hosen". The concert had been filmed by the TV Kreciola and was broadcasted on the Polish television. A DVD is in preparation. In Winter - guest performances with "Armia" - three songs appear on "Armia's 20th anniversary" DVD. 2006: On the road again with "Armia" and "2Tm2,3".


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Oh fuck this is one of the best compilations that i ever heard great songs and bands, this record conatins 11 songs from english, swedish and finnish bands.
Really great stuff that you must download.

P.S-i downloaded it from NATION ON FIRE(thanks man keep on going), and one more thing the link is mine ;)