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They are a cllasic hardcore Swedish band who comes from Kristinehamn.They also where influenced by Discharge, they started in the early 80s.
Their lyrics deal with capitalism, anti war.
So download this great band:D


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STALIN (Finland)

The band was formed by 4 young guys beetwen 13-14 years old, they only made one record and it was called Chaos EP this record was made in only 200 copys so it is quite rare.And i must say for a 13 year old singer that he sings fucking brilliant.
Some of the band members later formed the legendary Nukketeatteri.


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They come from Hoor in the south of Sweden(a little town near Malmo),they have 2 recording 1LP and 1EP they are "Back In The Stone Age" and "Back to 30-s EP".In 1987 they recorded "Back To The Stone Age" and after that they had some tours around Sweden and they fell appart.
Sory but i couldnt upload "
Back To The Stone Age" i dont know why :(


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Hey people long time no see sorry that i whasn here for some time but i am here now and i will continue writing:D

Disclose a Japanese D-beat weary much influenced by Discharge like most bands hehe.They come from Kochi city,their sound i could say sounds like discharge but they have increased "fuzz" and distortion on guitars.
Members and former memebers where:Kawakami-frontman(vocals and lead guitar), Tsukasa(vocals), Fukugawa(bass guitar), Yasuoka(bass guitar), Yousei(bass guitar), Hiro(drums), Fujiwara(drums), Uo-Katou(drums), Aki(drums), Naoto(drums).
The tragic day happened in june 5 in 2007 when Kawakami died from overdose of alcohol and pills.