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This is a another Polish thrash punk band wich was formed in 82 in Pulawyu, bands first name was "Trafo".First gig they had in 84 in "Warsava" and after that on the famous "Jarocin fest", after that they changed their line up because few members started to listen and would often play blues, one of them i dont know who left them and formed a bnd called "Armia".
Then in 85 they made a record with a synth but the people didn t like that kind of music and in 86 they recorded their first album "Nowa Aleksandria", then in 87 camed the new guitar player so they made a mini tour and after that splited up.


VA-Afflicted Cries In The Darkness Of War

A fuck this is one hell of a great compilation given us by 4 fucking great bands, legendary Anti-Cimex, Crude SS, Fear Of War, Rovsvett.
Everybody knows how Anti-Cimex and Crude SS sound like so i need to say about these 2 bands something.
Fear Of War-this band is formed in 1984 in Sweden, they play a bit slower then Anti-Cimex and Crude SS but the vocal is great.Their song themes are anti war, anti politics....a good cllasic band download.

Rovsvett-band comes from Tranas(Sweden) they play noisy raw hardcore with noisy vocal which to me sounds great.

Download this compilation if you like Sweden hardcore and give me a comment.


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The band was formed in 84 in Sweden after Tompa from Asocial camed to the band (Svart Parad).
They play noisy Swedish raw hardcore punk, they split up in 87, on this CD quality of the songs is great and i need to say that this CD is a record of i think all of their demos.


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Here you go one nice compilation of Finnish raw bands sound quality of some bands is bad but that doesnt make this compilation a bad one.
This compilation has many legendary Finnish bands like (Kansan Uutiset, Riistetyt, Rattus, Bastards....) and that is why this compilation is something special.
And one more thing sorry but i cannot find any picture for this compilation so if you find something send it to me, in the meantime i will put a random picture.CHEERS!!!

1-Kansan Uutiset(4 songs)
2-Riistetyt(3 songs)
3-Jakke (Kaaos) and Lateri from i dont know where Kytat On Natsisikoja
4-Aparat(2 songs)
5-Rattus(3 songs)
6-Tampere SS(2 songs)
7-Protesti(2 songs)
8-Alamaailma(1 song)
9-Kuolema(1 song)
10-Bastards(4 songs)
11-H.I.C Systeemi(2 songs)
12-Fucking Finland(1 song)
13-Destruktions(1 song)
14-Marionetti(2 songs)
15-Maanalainen Pelastusarmeija(1 song)
16-Sekunda(1 song)
17-Takuu(1 song)
18-Varaus(2 songs)
19-Vaurio(6 songs)


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Disclose/Hellkrusher Split-EP

This is a good Split given to us by two legendary bands Disclose(Japan), Hellkrusher(England).
Split contains 6 songs 3 from Disclose and 3 from Hellkrusher all songs are great so download this great EP.
Disclose-In Human Act, Once The War Started, Why Must We Die.
Hellkrusher-Air Attack, Bodycount, No More


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This is the second volume of this compilation and its not bad so download and see for your self.
I appologize for not uploading for 7 days.
1-Ohl(2 songs)
2-Cotzbrocken(1 song)
3-Torpedo Moskau(2 songs)
4-ZSD(2 songs)
5-Cretins(2 songs)
6-Tin Can Army(2 songs)
7-The Buttocks(2 songs)
8-Porno Patrol(2 songs)
9-Daily Terror(2 songs)
10-Blut Und Eisen(2 songs)
11-Razzia(1 song)


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Here we have a good compilation of bands from Germany from 80s, this compilation is not bad it is listenable but i love German punk so if you like it too download it and leave me a comment about it.
1-Die Toten Hosen(1 song)
2-The Razors(1 song)
3-Drowning Rose(2 songs)
4-Upright Citizens(2 songs)
5-Vellocet(4 songs)
6-Wasted Life(1 song)
7-MAF(1 song)
8-Razzia(1 song)
9-TBC-(2 songs)
10-Dunkle Tage(1 song)
11-Blutsturz(1 song)
12-Maniacs(1 song)
13-Urlaud Im Rollstuhl(1 song)
14-Tin Can Army(1 song)
15-Abzess(1 song)


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Croatian-Pankerijada je organizacija(ne klub) čiji je smisao projekta organiziranje koncerata i podupiranje punk bendova.Ideja projekta je došla zbog nedostatka podupiranja bendova .Trebamo bilo kakvu pomoć od strane drugih bendova i sponzora.U daljnjem radu nadamo se uspjehu i dobroj glazbi.

English- Hello,Pankerijada is a organization(not a club) whose is interest to promoting demo bands.Meaning of this project is to suporting punk bands.The idea of this procjets beucase is to litlle suporting punk bands.

PS:If you are interested upload your album and send to us link to download and we are u putting on myspace,meaning of this to more promote bands!cheers from croatia!

This is the link for myspace:

DEUTER-Ojczyzna Dumna

The band was formed in Varšava(Poland) in 1980 by some guys who alredy played in bands like Atak, Kryzys, Formit...Band started to play more when one more member of Atak camed to the band.Band broke up in 1983 and after that band splited up in 2 other bands who were called Izrael and Tilt.But in 1984 again they started to play so in 85 they recorded this album but he was released in 88.
They sound to me like most of Polish band (Dezerter, Siekiera...) but the vocal is more wild.
I would say that you need to download this and see it for your self to me they are great.


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TOTALITAR-Multinationella Mordare EP '87

The band was formed in a litlle town in Sweden called Hudiksvall in 1985.Band members where Poffen-vocals, Jorgen-guitar, Jesper-drums, Andreas-bass and Lanchy-guitar.This EP is released in April of 1987, this EP has 5 songs and they are all great.Sorry for not writing more about the band but i am kind a lazy :)


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The band camed from Erfurt(Eastern Germany), the band was formed by brothers Klaus and Dieter and a friend Andreas in 1980.Their instruments were made from all kinds of shit,but they managed to buy the real thing after 2 years.Their first gigs where in the churches because of the police who would alway mess in their gigs.
For their first compilation track they renamed the band to Saukerle to avoid any trouble with the police because of their lyrics.But then because they had many shit with the police their drummer left the band and many people then camed to play, but after that when the East German reigim falled down Andreas left the band but they managed to save the band and started to play again.When the Germany finnally was reunited they had normal gigs but Dieter started to drink too much and he would often use drugs and he left the band.
In 1999 Dieter killed his father with an axe so they put him in a psycho clinic where he died about 4 years ago.