ponedjeljak, 5. siječnja 2009.


Hey people long time no see sorry that i whasn here for some time but i am here now and i will continue writing:D

Disclose a Japanese D-beat weary much influenced by Discharge like most bands hehe.They come from Kochi city,their sound i could say sounds like discharge but they have increased "fuzz" and distortion on guitars.
Members and former memebers where:Kawakami-frontman(vocals and lead guitar), Tsukasa(vocals), Fukugawa(bass guitar), Yasuoka(bass guitar), Yousei(bass guitar), Hiro(drums), Fujiwara(drums), Uo-Katou(drums), Aki(drums), Naoto(drums).
The tragic day happened in june 5 in 2007 when Kawakami died from overdose of alcohol and pills.