ponedjeljak, 13. srpnja 2009.

THE VARUKERS-Prepare fo the attack/One struggle one fight

They were formed in 79 by vocal "Rat" Martin, when they started they played similar to Discharge or as we now say D-beat, but they also sheared their anarchistic ideology.
When they started to record in early 80s they were a part of the "trend" called UK 82 or UK/hc, the band first split up in 88 but Rat has assembled them and they started to play in 93 and in the 90s the band also preserved the UK 82 sound style, but since they had some Discharges members their sound developed in D-beat, the band is still playing today and they are writing new songs for the next album.
For those who dont know Rat is vocal today in Varukers and in Discharge.
They are from London.