četvrtak, 25. ožujka 2010.

WRETCHED - In Nome Del Loro Potere Tutto E'Stato Fatto 7

They were a hardcore punk band from Milan (Italy), band was formed in the start of the 80s and they are one of the basic Italian hardcore punk bands alongside with Indigesti, Eu"s Arse...In 1982 they made a split with Indigesti, their lyrics are dark they are anti-war, violent they also describe the situation of society... Band appears on many compilations such as P.E.A.C.E, in 1986 they changed their line-up and started to play a bit more metal so soon they called it a day before splitting up they had a gig with the legendary Antisect in a very well known squat called Virus in Milan.


1-La logica del potere
2-Spero venga la guerra
4-Muori per la patria muori per la niente
5-Solo guerra
6-Nessun diritto
7-Ti obbligano ad obbedire
8- Non posso sopportare