utorak, 1. lipnja 2010.

POSITIVE NEGATIVE - Cut The Crap It "s Time To Act

Another band of Jakke from Kaaos project Positive Negative started in 96 and lasted till 99, in that time they made a split with the legendary Detestation, soon after that they had a gig at the Puntala rock fest in 2000, in 2004 they had few gigs and in 2007 comes that year when they split up because Jakke died (R.I.P).
This band played fast music with Jakke on vocals for me they are great and one of the best 90s Finnish hc/punk bands!!!

P.S-Positive Negative is very hard to find on net so think of this as a jewel, big thanx to my friend (Krista, the man who runs the PANKERIJADA blog with me) without his help i think this band would not ever see my blog!!!


1-Whiter Than White
2-If You Fight
3-No Way
4-Sick Mind
5-Better Than TV
6-Portrait Of Che
7-Flag Of Mankind