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Homo Homini Lupus started in june 2003 with Dragan (Nulla Osta, Mercenary Cockroach) on bass and Luze (Hijos del Pueblo) on drums. Back then we played just for the fun, without any serious plans for the future. Some songs where made, but progress was very slow...

Everything started to change in fabruary 2004 when Mr. Bane joined the band on the guitar and came up with the name Homo Homini Lupus.

Line up from february 2004 to nowdays:
Mr. Bane - guitar
Dragan - bass/vox
Luze - drums/vox

In just few months we had enough songs to record first full length album "Neverending Nonsense", which was released for BUM Records on cd and tape (as split release with legendary hc band Wasserdicht). Everything was finished just in time for the up coming European tour which happend in september 2004. Now, we where really speeding ahead, but not all good came out... From march to september 2004 we managed to write, record and release all songs from "Neverending Nonsense" along with booking the up coming tour. Because of all these plans, projects and occupation with other bands we play with, sound on the record did not turned out as we wanted...but all that it's in the past!

In 2008 after playing numerous gigs and always improving our sound combining dis-core with grindcore, we have released devastating, aggressive and insane new album called "What a fucking waste of life" on EBM Records from Mexico and also on DHP-AK47/Demonkracija/Twisted Justice (Balkan Edition) in late 2008.
Once again, the release came out just in time for promotional tour in Brazil that followed in January 2009. We hit the road for 4 weeks and played 13 shows along with countless bands who become our personal favorites.
Now, in the second half of the year 2010, we have finished our third album called "Without Us They Don't Exist" and it's going to be out in August. Watch out for the news about upcoming release and gigs. See you on the road, I ve uploaded "What a fucking wate of life" and "Neverending nonsense"... enyoj!!!

Tracks - Neverending nonsense:

1-Ghost From The Past
2-In Vivo
3-Now And Then
4-Empty Words
5-Walking Dead
6-PLaying God In World Peace
7-4 Wall Violence
8-Casuality Of Life
9-Rotting Lungs
10-Legal Crime

Download - Neverending Nonsense

Tracks - What A Fucking Waste Of Life:

1-Screams From The Closet
2-Rotating Bomb
3-Too Many Why s
4-Breathe For Their Need
5-Mental Disease
6-Ecstasy Of Death
7-Homo Sapiens Varies Monstrum
8-Abolishing The Borders
10-In Vivo
11-PLaying God In World Peace
12-Ne Gutaj Sve Sto Ti Se Servira

Download - What A Fucking Waste Of Life