subota, 21. veljače 2009.


The band was formed in 1978 as the Band with no name,then they recorded a demo wich they sold in only 4 copies hehe!After that the band changed their drummer Martin.So then Baron and Stig got Norman to play the synth for them.
In 1981 they moved to Bristol where they met Disorder and live with them in a squat.
Virus(Disorder s drummer) started to drum for Amebix and in 1983 left Disorder to drum for Amebix.They recorded "Who is the enemy" EP, "Winter 7", "No Sanctuary 12" EP,in 1985 "Arise" was recorded and in 1987 "Monolith".Amebix fell appart in 1987 and their last gig was in Sarajevo(Bosnia).