srijeda, 22. travnja 2009.


Here you go one nice compilation of Finnish raw bands sound quality of some bands is bad but that doesnt make this compilation a bad one.
This compilation has many legendary Finnish bands like (Kansan Uutiset, Riistetyt, Rattus, Bastards....) and that is why this compilation is something special.
And one more thing sorry but i cannot find any picture for this compilation so if you find something send it to me, in the meantime i will put a random picture.CHEERS!!!

1-Kansan Uutiset(4 songs)
2-Riistetyt(3 songs)
3-Jakke (Kaaos) and Lateri from i dont know where Kytat On Natsisikoja
4-Aparat(2 songs)
5-Rattus(3 songs)
6-Tampere SS(2 songs)
7-Protesti(2 songs)
8-Alamaailma(1 song)
9-Kuolema(1 song)
10-Bastards(4 songs)
11-H.I.C Systeemi(2 songs)
12-Fucking Finland(1 song)
13-Destruktions(1 song)
14-Marionetti(2 songs)
15-Maanalainen Pelastusarmeija(1 song)
16-Sekunda(1 song)
17-Takuu(1 song)
18-Varaus(2 songs)
19-Vaurio(6 songs)