srijeda, 1. travnja 2009.


The band camed from Erfurt(Eastern Germany), the band was formed by brothers Klaus and Dieter and a friend Andreas in 1980.Their instruments were made from all kinds of shit,but they managed to buy the real thing after 2 years.Their first gigs where in the churches because of the police who would alway mess in their gigs.
For their first compilation track they renamed the band to Saukerle to avoid any trouble with the police because of their lyrics.But then because they had many shit with the police their drummer left the band and many people then camed to play, but after that when the East German reigim falled down Andreas left the band but they managed to save the band and started to play again.When the Germany finnally was reunited they had normal gigs but Dieter started to drink too much and he would often use drugs and he left the band.
In 1999 Dieter killed his father with an axe so they put him in a psycho clinic where he died about 4 years ago.