nedjelja, 28. lipnja 2009.

ANTI-CIMEX-Raped Ass EP, Anarkist Attack

The kings of chaos in Sweden, ferocious speed thrash that continually displays that disorderly early Discharge attack, but is smashed forth much faster. Hardcore guitar soloing whines generate electric volts, as Anti Cimex spew out an intense onslaught of clamorous nitro-laced aggression. Jonsson´s vocals get rawer with each release. This is one of the most legendary Swedish kängcore bands. They started in 1981, inspired by bands like Discharge, Varukers, Germs, Black Sabbath, Disorder and others. The line-up was Johnsson (bass), Nillen (vocals), Charlie (drums), Jocke (guitar). The quickly released the EP "Anarkist Attack". In 1982 the linup changed, with Johnsson on vocals and Conrad on bass. They recorded the EP "Raped Ass", and in 1984 they released the classic EP "Victims Of A Bombraid", with yet another bassist. In 1986 they recorded the minialbum "Criminal Trap" (with Conrad back on bass). They split up in the end 1986, when Jocke got tired and quit. Then they regrouped in 1990, now with Cliff from Black Uniforms on guitar. They quickly wrote and recorded the album "Absolute Country of Sweden", a very good comeback IMHO (tho' I haven't heard the earlier stuff...). In 1993 a live album called "Made in Sweden" (Recorded in 1991) came out. It was supposed to be a video release, but something (money, or rather lack of it) got in the way. Then, the long-awaited "Scandinavian Jawbreaker" came out, and shortly after, the band split up. Awww... Nowadays, Cliff (guitarist) is involved with the band Driller Killer and seems to continue in roughly the same way, only more hateful. Jonsson played for a while with the band Wolfpack.The drummer, Charlie, plays in a number of bands, for example Troublemakers, Psychotic Youth and Not Enough Hate. When it comes to the other members did Nillen go to D.N.A after he was kicked from Cimex. Bonni was only in the band a short while and left for Asta Kask. Sixten plays in GBG Punx. Jean-Louis Huhta played in Cortex.

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Download-Raped Ass EP-1982

Download-Anarkist Attack