ponedjeljak, 8. lipnja 2009.

TOXIC REASONS-Bullets for you

The band was formed in 79 in Dayton, the forming members of the band were-Bruce Stuckey(bass/vocals), Joel Agne(guitar/vocals), Ed Pittman(lead vocals), Mark Patterson(drums).In 1980 Agne left the band and then he was replaced by Greg Stout on bass and Bruce Stuckey was placed on the lead guiar.
But soon after that the band was in a another problem because Mark Patterson left the band and was replaced with J.J Pearson on drums.
When they released the LP-Independence Ed Pittman left the band.
I dont know when did they split up but one more thing that i forgot they played hardcore/punk rock.
P.S-i will put more things of them soon CHEERS!!!