utorak, 9. prosinca 2008.


The legendary Swedish hardcore band were made by Lasse Skit(vocals), Jonsson(bass), Jimmy(guitar), Bob(drums) in 1981 in Goteborg.They recorded only one EP "7" for Malign Massacre and that was that legendary album Cracked cop skulls.
That EP is so full of chaotic power and it is weary aggresive it sounds to me that they been drunk like shit.They had gigs with Exploited, Discharge... and they made a legendary mark on Swedish hardcore.
They broke up in 1982 only year later,from the band members only was active Jonsson who in that time sing for Anti-Cimex and later he started to sing for Wolfpack/Wolfbrigade.
Download this two albums and destroy something!

Download-Silence/Cracked Cop Skulls