četvrtak, 11. prosinca 2008.


First oi band on this blog if you think i lost my mind for uploading this fuck off because this is one of the best OI bands of all time.
They are from New Mills in Derbyshire,this was a band of two punx and two skins who made the band.Their first release was a 4 track EP called "All Out Attack", as it was turned out the fans bought over 20 000 copies.On their concerts they would throw cans and bottles on the fans and that was what Blitz was all about!The band wanted to release the "The Time Bomb Demos", the bands 3rd single was "Warriors" what had a slight change in the sound of Blitz.To promote the album "Voice of the Generation" the band joined GBH and Abrasive Wheels on their tour, just to say the tour was a complete disaster.Mackie left the band then Tim Harris came in to help the band-he had been the main producer for the band and also the main engineer.Not long after that Nidge also left the band and joined Mackie to form"Rose Of Victory".Carl and Tim carried on as the Blitz and released "New Age".After that band totally change directions but some fans have been with them, they broke up in 1999 and it was weary sad because no one from oi music had never produced better music and lyrics than them so sad.:(

Download-Blitz_Voice of a generation The no future years-CD1

Download-Blitz_Voice of a generation The no future years-CD2

So download and be happy to have this :D enjoy !!!