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DISORDER - Mental Disorder 7'' EP '83

This punk band was formed in Bristol(England).The first line up was Mick(bass), Steve(guitar), Virus(drums), Dean(vocals).They produced a demo tape in the Riot City Records, but after they been turned down they had their own records called Disorder Records.After the release of "Complete Disorder", Mick left and he was replaced by Steve Robinson.After that Dean left too and he was replaced with Taff who took the bass and the group persuaded their roadie Boobs to take over thee vocals.After the recording of Perdition the band set for a tour with the Varukers.
Virus felt that it is enough so he left the band and he was replaced with Glenn.They moved to a shared squat with the Amebix and lived there for a while.
They disbanded and reformed several times in 90s and 00s.

Download-Demo 1980

Download DISORDER-Mental Disorder 7'' EP '83