srijeda, 10. prosinca 2008.


Mellakka was formed by two young punx Jappe and Pete in the Finnish town Rauma in 1983.They said that they formed the band because they heard Discharge and some compilation with Kaaos,Terveet Kadet and Riistetyt and they looked a first hc gig in their town with Appendix and Destructions.
The first band members where Pete(vocals), Jappe(drums), Kapulainen(bass), Janne(guitar) they only had few gigs then Pete took place as a bass in Pohjasakke.
Then they found a new bass Holkka, a Kapulainen took the vocals and then they recorded their first EP "Ei".
Album took place in 84, year later they found a new guitar called Pertullu and Pete was back on vocal and then they recorded their second EP-'Itsenäisyyspäivä' for Rat Poison Records.
After that they had a bunch of gigs in Finland.
Year later 86 they were planing to record LP track but they didn"t they only recorded a 3 song demo.After that the band broke up, and they had some rehersals after that but only for fun so we still await their reunion :D